Can I Wear A Gold Wedding Band With A Platinum Engagement Ring References

Can I Wear A Gold Wedding Band With A Platinum Engagement Ring. 2 mm band width weight: A grain set wedder would be a good idea as it will wear well over time.

can i wear a gold wedding band with a platinum engagement ring
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A platinum wedding ring will typically cost almost twice as much as an equivalent ring in a metal such as 14k white gold. A sleek cathedral solitaire engagement ring is great with a metal made of white gold, however, if you seek a durable ring, then platinum would be the answer.

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As far as how to stack them, tradition holds that you’ll wear the wedding band inside. Both gold and platinum are great investments and should hold their value for years.

Can I Wear A Gold Wedding Band With A Platinum Engagement Ring

However, there are things to consider.However, white gold is more prone to wear and tear and needs to be rhodium dipped every couple of years or so to maintain its white appearance.I have my grandmothers white gold engagement ring and was strongly advised not to wear it with a platinum wedding band for that reason.If you are looking for an affordable engagement ring or wedding band, consider going with a white gold band.

If your choice is between white gold and platinum, consider what the cost of maintenance will be throughout the years.In 14k white gold, the same ring is only $540.In other cases, many like the idea of rings not being a perfect match or they plan to wear their wedding band without their engagement ring often.It depends on your personal preference and if you want to use your engagement ring as a wedding band.

It’s likely the gold will wear the platinum claws down.Luckily, a scratch on a platinum ring band isn’t as serious as on gold.Mixing metal colors is great for those people who love to change it up and are looking for something a bit more fashion forward, says a.j.Most people understand that platinum is more durable and more dense than.

My wife’s ring, for instance, is made from her grandmother’s old wedding band.Neither of these metals is cheap, but there is still a significantly higher price for a platinum band.Polishing platinum ring bands can push that material back.Pure gold is more malleable than.

Regal diamond trellis engagement ring a regal diamond trellis engagement ring can be done with either white gold, or platinum and can be made to be either very expensive with the platinum, or affordable with platinum.So you’re not moving actual metal.That means you can wear an engagement ring with no wedding band, even after the ceremony.That’s because unlike gold, which loses material when it’s scratched, platinum simply moves.

The biggest disadvantage of platinum as a women’s or men’s wedding ring metal is its cost.The engagement ring can also be the wedding ring (if you want it to be), as some people don’t buy a separate wedding ring.The softest metals are not the only ones that can bend.Traditionally, you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand.

Wedding rings, on the other hand, tend to be less intricate, but still might feature pave diamonds or other however, many brides may select a plain platinum or gold band if their engagement ring is on the flashier conversely, the wedding band and engagement ring can stand alone in a parallel set.When going back and forth between metals for the engagement ring, you may have learned that platinum and gold have differences in hardness.While still an investment, it’s a much cheaper alternative than getting a.You may also want to investigate joining the wedding band and engagement ring together if you do go for the platinum claw setting.